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Meet Bon Me

A year and a half ago, husband and wife, Patrick and Alison entered a competition that would dramatically change their lives.

                          Preparing a Sandwich on the Truck!

Patrick and Ali are the owners and operators of the food truck, Bon Me.  Their journey, however, began in summer 2010, a time when Alison was off from work and feeling bored.  She then persuaded Patrick to enter a competition, sponsored by Boston.com, that was on the hunt for new food truck concepts.  This three-rounded competition included a short business plan, a one-minute video production, and a taste test for 300 people as the grand finale.  While many of the other finalists conducted the taste test from their food truck or with the help of a catering company, Bon Me did not yet have a truck, and had to bring food in their car and prepare it on-site.

Bon Me Finalist Video

Luck was on their side though.. After busting their hump and feeding the masses – it was announced that this dynamic duo had won!! Yay! Wonderful! Yippie! Hooray! … wait, what next?

The BBQ porki sandwich at Bon Me

                            The BBQ pork sandwich at Bon Me

At this point, they thought to themselves, how could they not open a truck?! They did just win the coveted spot at city hall to sell food out of a mobile kitchen… And so they did! The truck was purchased and designed, and together they began their adventure in food-truckin’! The creation of the Bon Me food truck has been especially eye opening for Patrick.  With a background and career in economics, this is his first time working in the food industry.  Overall Patrick says that this has been a great learning experience and he feels that the process has gone quite well.  He advises that if people enter the business of food trucks, it is crucial they understand the preparation at the beginning of the day adds another layer of complexity.  This is because he has found the number of ingredients brought each day requires precision. [caption id=”attachment_918” align=”aligncenter” width=”434” caption=”Delicious food options at Bon Me”]Delicious food options at Bon Me

                       Delicious food options at Bon Me

Patrick and Alison decided on the menu for Bon Me with lunch and a regular clientele in mind.  Although their food is Vietnamese, they do not claim it is truly authentic.  Instead, their focus is that all meals are prepared fast and with fresh ingredients.  For the most part, the menu remains stable but specials are offered according to the season.

The Bon Me deviled tea egg!

                       The Bon Me deviled tea egg!

Come check them out at one of our upcoming festivals!